Robin Edds
A Road to Freedom

Out of Commission

Ten years ago, Robin Edds felt immobile and defeated. Because of her RA, she spent long days lying on the couch, unable to sit, stand or walk without cringing. Riding her motorcycle, a lifelong passion, was out of the question.

She felt she had lost control of her life, and knew it was up to her to get it back. So, when her son asked her to try CrossFit training, she went looking for a trainer who could help her regain her strength.

Recently, Robin and her trainer, Nate Alice, sat down and reflected on her transformation.

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Body As Machine

Robin discovered that her body and mind were capable of more than she ever thought possible.


Thank you to Rebecca Rice, Gay Watters, Jodi McKee and Robin Edds and their families and friends for sharing their stories.

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