Rebecca Rice
The Dreamcatcher

A Total Halt

Rebecca Rice felt shocked by how much motion rheumatoid arthritis stole away. As her joints stiffened, she found herself no longer able to decorate cakes for a living, or manage the lives and activities of the six children she and husband Larry were raising. Doctors predicted she'd be disabled within four years. She wallowed in grief, unsure whether she’d be able to continue providing for her family.

Then, an especially bad flare drove her to research and adjust her diet. New eating habits increased her energy; she began taking short strolls after work. Walking became jogging. And suddenly, all that activity made her limber enough to pick up her icing bag again.

Bit by bit, she became an optimist…and resumed daydreaming about growing old, of her future grandchildren.

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From Pain, Empathy

Newly aware of the silent struggles going on all around us, Rebecca hopes to become a role model of mental strength to others pushing through the pain of RA.

Turning Points