Chapter 1
"We DON'T Complement Each Other"

Back from Everest

Much has changed in Rob Hill's life since he became the first person with an ostomy to summit the highest peaks on seven continents, including Mount Everest. In doing so, he showed just how much a person with Crohn's disease can achieve.

Crohn's is a chronic autoimmune condition that can affect any part of the digestive tract. It is, like ulcerative colitis, a type of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The body essentially attacks itself, triggering intense inflammation that wears away digestive organs, particularly the intestine.

Rob is still committed to reducing the stigma of Crohn's, but his personal focus has shifted to a different kind of challenge. He spends much of his time at home in Vancouver, British Columbia, with his life now revolving around his family—his wife, Monica, 5-year-old daughter Eden, and 3-year-old son Liam.

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Routine of Parenting

Since Rob's completion of the seven summits, daily life has changed.

Parents' Fear

While a cause for Crohn's disease remains unknown, research shows that it tends to cluster in families—suggesting genetics plays a role. Those with a parent or sibling with Crohn's disease have a 20 percent greater chance of developing the disease—a concern Rob and Monica share as they raise their young and now healthy children.

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A Looming Threat

Rob and Monica express concern for their children's increased risk of being diagnosed with IBD.

A Big Kid

Rob, who sees himself as a big kid, loves to roughhouse with Eden and Liam. He hasn't lost any of his passion for the outdoors, although these days he's much more likely to satisfy it through skiing and hiking with his children. He also shares his other great love with them---climbing.