Chapter 2
New Heights

In the Air

Because Sydney and Barry met as skydiving teacher and student, the sport is a major part of the couple’s history. Competitive skydiving gave Sydney some of the best experiences of her life.
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Lessons From the Fall

Sydney’s experience as a professional skydiver has shaped her ability to solve problems.

A Health Renovation

Sydney received a full-blown diabetes education through her new team of health care providers. The newfound knowledge increased her confidence: Now, she understood exactly how the condition affected her body. But more than that, Sydney found an opportunity to reevaluate how she took care of her health overall.
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Silver Linings

Barry marvels at how Sydney’s diagnosis only made her a more positive person.

In the Face of Mortality

In 2014, the death of a close friend in the skydiving community changed everything for Sydney. Seeing the deep impact of the tragedy firsthand led her to leave the sport.

While she no longer skydives, the years she spent deeply immersed in the sport were some of the most transformative of her life before her diabetes diagnosis. Now, Sydney and Barry are figuring out what a life after skydiving looks like for them.

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Shifting Priorities

Sydney reflects on how much she has changed since leaving skydiving and being diagnosed with diabetes.