Chapter 1

An Unexpected Turn

To say Sydney and her husband Barry love adventure is an understatement. In fact, they first met when Barry was Sydney’s skydiving instructor. In sunny San Diego, where they live with their two dogs, the pair thrives on regular hiking excursions and other outdoor activities.

But after one long, intense paddleboarding day in late summer, Sydney was left with extreme dehydration and gastrointestinal issues that lasted three weeks. When she went to urgent care, she was told she might have Crohn’s disease. The doctors did a full lab workup, including a glucose test, and the results she received a few days later were completely unexpected. It wasn’t Crohn’s — it was type 2 diabetes.

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The Call

When Sydney received the news that she had diabetes, it shook her world.


In Sickness and in Health

When Sydney met Barry, she knew she had found someone who shared her love of adventure. What she would later discover was that she had also found a life partner who would support her through thick and thin — and in the wake of her diabetes diagnosis, he certainly has.
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A Grounded Partner

Sydney reflects on her husband’s ability to love every version of her.

Graceful Acceptance

Sydney’s optimism is one of the reasons Barry fell in love with her in the first place. After they got the news that she had diabetes, Barry witnessed the true strength of that optimism. In the face of a lifelong chronic condition, Sydney continued to power past obstacles and embrace her new reality.
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Owning It

Barry believes Sydney’s positive attitude has helped her through the difficulties of diabetes.

Ready for Anything

Sydney is not the type of person to let life take her for a ride — she knows she is in the driver’s seat. While she has a successful marketing career, her identity goes beyond her work. Whether it be skydiving, attending improv classes, or taking up photography, she’s always trying new things. Fully immersing herself in new challenges is second nature to her.

This is Sydney’s approach to life. And when it came to her diabetes diagnosis, her attitude was no different.

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Finding Her Path

Once Sydney had a treatment plan in place, she knew she could handle her diagnosis.