Mark Modich
Every Breath You Take

Finding His Place

After his COPD diagnosis a few years ago, Mark Modich, now 67, says he felt diminished, unable to do many of the things that had been a part of his life. He also felt very much alone.

One day, his wife Patty brought home a flyer she had picked up at a hospital near their home outside Detroit for something called the “Breathers’ Club.” It was a monthly support and exercise group for people living with pulmonary conditions.

Mark had to get up his nerve to go, but he soon realized that “this is a good place for me.” He not only met a lot of other people like him, he also felt less fearful when it came to learning about his condition. One of the people who helped him change his attitude was Linda Sawchuk, a licensed respiratory care practitioner and one of the Breathers’ Club coordinators. They met to talk about the support group and their friendship.

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Not Alone

Joining the "Breathers' Club" gave Mark a new perspective on his condition.

Turning Points