Mary Morgan
Life After Smoking

A Big Change

Mary Morgan says her life changed at Disney World. On a trip there with family several years ago, she took a break from smoking. She realized how hard it was to catch her breath.

She went to a doctor and learned she had COPD. If she hadn’t stopped smoking during that trip, she probably wouldn’t have known about her COPD until it was too late. Now, at 64, she’s much more proactive about her health and regularly does pulmonary rehab exercises. Taking control of her life, she says, helps her maintain the active relationship with her grandchildren that’s so important to her.

Mary and her husband, Lewis, who live in Richmond, Virginia, shared how their lives have changed since that Disney World trip and how important it is to work through a COPD diagnosis as partners.

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The Right Partner

Mary has learned the importance of a partner who supports you.

Turning Points