Chapter 3
A New Rhythm

The Turnaround

Immediately, Anne saw that Dr. Kravitz’s treatment approach was much more thorough than anything she had experienced before. It didn’t take long for Anne to see a dramatic shift in her well-being.
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Quality of Life

Anne has found a sense of normalcy in life with Dr. Kravitz treatment plan.


Dr. Kravitz was swift but thorough in his initial assessment of Anne’s health. He listened to her concerns, conducted testing, and recommended new treatments. Anne’s motivation to take on the disease and her eagerness to collaborate with Dr. Kravitz were also key players in her new management plan.
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New Therapies, New Successes

Adding a biologic to Anne’s treatment plan resulted in major improvements

Earned Wisdom

Anne’s long journey with severe asthma helped make her the strong, assured person she is today. As a nurse-midwife, Anne can now confidently do the work she loves without worrying that asthma will slow her down. In fact, she recently reached a career milestone by delivering more than 3,000 babies.

Now, with her condition under control, Anne hopes to offer advice to others struggling to manage chronic disease.

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After learning what controlled asthma looked like, Anne set higher standards for her health.

Catching Her Breath

At the age of 63, severe asthma no longer holds Anne back from living the life she loves. While it took decades for Anne to find an asthma management plan that worked for her, she is proud of all she has accomplished. With Dr. Kravitz’s help, Anne has found a way to thrive — on her own terms.
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Special thanks to Anne Salomone, Dr. Stuart Kravitz and The Asthma and Allergy Associates, Keagan Elischer, Meredith Elischer, and The Town of Pemberton.

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